2013-2014 Annual Report Cover Pages

Rooting depths in Rhone Basin and France

Map of study area showing Pierre-Bénite within the great Rhône basin and France. Detailed maps of study site showing tree locations on an (b) aerial photograph and (c) LiDAR DEM backgrounds. The location of the piezometer used in Figure 6 is also shown, as is the River Kilometer used for the stage-discharge relationship in Figure 5. Source: BD Ortho©, BDT Rhône©, IGN.

Drifter tracking freshwater plume front

Water following drifting buoy tracking a fresh effluent plume front.  Drifter observations were collected as part of a project to understand effluent fate-and-transport and ocean mixing.  Photo Credit: Gabe Rodriguez

ERI Great Horned Owl Fledglings

Great Horned Owl fledglings hanging out in the pine trees outside of the ERI offices on the 6th floor of Ellison Hall.
(photo credit: Heather Liu)