Fiscal Year 2017-18

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018


California Department of Conservation

R. Archuleta, C. Ji

1017-561                             10/1/17-3/31/18                                $49,747

Strong Ground Motion from Earthquakes on Multiple Faults                              


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

K. Rittger

                                             6/1/18-12/31/19                              $331,195

High Resolution Snow Cover Maps for Quantifying Winter Habitat for Wildlife     


California Natural Resources Agency

J. Michaelsen, L. Stratton

E13613-0                              5/1/17-1/1/21                                  $350,000

North Campus Open Space Coastal Habitat Enhancement Program                    


Centro De Investigacion Cientifica De Ensenada CICESE

L. Romero, J. C. Ohlmann

SB160037                              7/1/17-2/28/19                                $736,537

Inner-Shelf Near-Surface Horizontal Dispersion                                               


Clark University

K. Caylor

2A325-7533                         11/17/17-7/31/19                            $103,249

Hazards SEES: Understanding cross-scale interactions of trade and food policy to improve resilience to drought risk in Zambia                                 


K. Caylor

SB180140                              1/1/18-12/31/18                                $80,267

Developing and Scaling Up The Mapping Africa Active Learning Platform           

     Clark University Subtotal                                                          $183,516


DA Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

J. Dozier, N. Bair

W913E5-16-C-0013              9/27/17-9/26/18                              $180,000

Methods to Robustly Assess the Snow Water Resource in Remote Mountains      


Goleta West Sanitary District

L. Stratton

SB180076                              8/1/17-12/31/18                                $75,000

North Campus Open Space (NCOS) Public Access Implementation Project           


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

J. Dozier, N. Bair

                                             11/30/17-5/31/19                              $16,249

Spatial Dynamics of Grain Size, Radiative Forcing by Impurities, and Spectral Albedo from AVIRIS-NG Data in the Indian Himalaya                              


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

T. DeVries

NNX16AI22G                          7/1/16-6/30/19                                  $91,222

Quantifying the ocean's biological carbon pump with remotely sensed and in-situ observations 


J. Melack, S. MacIntyre

NNX17AK49G                        5/3/17-5/2/20                                  $231,910

                                             5/3/17-5/2/20                                  $174,120

Methane fluxes from tropical aquatic systems: Integration of measurements, hydrological and biogeochemical models and remote sensing               


N. Nelson, D. Siegel

80NSSC18K0736                    3/27/18-3/26/21                              $293,608

Bermuda Bio-Optics Project: Data for MODIS Algorithm Maintenance                 


D. Siegel

NNX16AR49G                        8/25/16-8/24/19                              $245,545

Data Mining Global Ocean Ecosystem & Carbon Cycling Observations for EXPORTS Planning & Synthesis   

D. Siegel

80NSSC18K0735                    3/27/18-3/26/21                              $279,349

Plumes and Blooms MODIS Algorithm Maintenance                                          


D. Siegel, N. Nelson, S. Maritorena

NNX15AE72G                         3/1/15-2/28/20                                $283,823

North Atlantic Aerosol and Marine Ecosystem Study (NAAMES)                          


D. A. Siegel, N. Nelson, U. Passow

80NSSC17K0692                    8/15/17-8/14/21                              $254,444

                                             8/15/17-8/14/21                              $248,135

                                             8/15/17-8/14/21                           $2,841,512

                                             8/15/17-8/14/21                              $319,634

                                             8/15/17-8/14/21                              $144,295

                                             8/15/17-8/14/21                                $85,725

Synthesizing Optically- and Carbon Export-Relevant Particle Size Distributions for the EXPORTS Field Campaign    

     National Aeronautics and Space Administration Subtotal        $5,493,322


National Geographic Society

D. McCauley

WW-151R-17                         10/1/17-9/30/18                                $20,200

Deploying next-generation remote sensing technologies to understand collective behavior in animal groups at multiple scales                                   


National Park Service

D. Booth, T. Dunne

P15AC01121                         7/1/15-11/30/18                              $144,457

                                             7/1/15-11/30/19                              $212,252

Yosemite Valley Merced River Restoration                                                        

     National Park Service Subtotal                                                   $356,709


National Science Foundation

L. Carvalho, C. Jones, R. Church, A. Murray, D. Roberts

1664173                               8/1/17-7/31/20                                $754,493

PREEVENTS Track 2: Understanding Extreme Fire Weather Hazards and Improving Resilience in Coastal Santa Barbara, California                              


K. Caylor

1801251                               2/1/17-8/31/19                                $628,779

WSC-Category 2 Collaborative: Impacts of Agricultural Decision Making and Adaptive Management on Food Security     


K. Caylor, L. Carvalho, M. Hall, G. Husak, D. Siegel

1659449                               8/1/17-12/31/18                              $481,730

CC* Networking Infrastructure: UCSB Network Upgrade to 100 Gigabit              


Q. Ding

1744598                               6/1/18-5/31/21                                $341,590

Collaborative Research: Arctic sea ice variability: Remote drivers and local processes  


Z. Eilon

1658214                               8/15/17-7/31/21                                $22,032

Collaborative Research:  Imaging small-scale convection and structure of the mantle in the south Pacific: a US contribution to an international Pacific Array                                                    


M. Jackson

1736984                               8/15/17-7/31/20                              $299,756

Origin of highly heterogeneous 87Sr/86Sr in melt inclusions from oceanic hotspot lavas    

A. Keller

1748352                               8/1/17-7/31/18                                  $25,000

Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference                                                         


A. Keller, P. Holden, H. Lenihan, G. Stucky, J. Schimel, R. Nisbet, S. Suh, R. Miller, B. Harthorn

SB140059                              9/1/13-8/31/19                                $921,290

CEIN (2013-2018) Predictive Toxicological Assessment and Safe Implementation of Nanotechnology in the Environment


J. Melack, S. MacIntyre

1753856                               7/1/18-6/30/21                                $564,136

Aquatic metabolism and carbon dioxide flux: Linking physical and biological processes in Amazon floodplains


K. Morell

1756943                               4/15/18-3/31/21                              $285,581

Collaborative Research: Permanent forearc strain partitioning in Northern Cascadia    


K. Morell, E. Keller, T. Dunne

1830169                               3/1/18-2/28/19                                  $20,470

The nature and physics of the Montecito debris flows of January 9, 2018, increasing community resiliency to debris flow hazards


R. Rudnick

1757313                               2/1/18-1/31/20                                $138,655

Chalcophile Element Geochemistry                                                                  


R. Rudnick, J. Cottle

1650260                               2/15/17-1/31/20                              $261,124

U-Pb thermochronology of lower crustal xenoliths -- estimating Moho temperature in order to constrain crustal heat production                            


A. Simms

1644197                               9/1/17-8/31/20                                $239,459

Collaborative Research: New Constraints on Post-Glacial Rebound and Holocene Environmental History along the Northern Antarctic Peninsula from Raised Beaches                                           


M. Singer, K. Caylor

1700555                               8/1/17-7/31/20                                $396,566

Collaborative Research: Impacts of Dynamic, Climate-Driven Water Availability on Tree Water Use and Health in Mediterranean Riparian Forests                                                                       


F. Spera

1551056                               2/15/16-1/31/19                                $58,149

Collaborative Research: Thermodynamics of magma mixing                             


S. Stevenson

1805143                               7/1/18-6/30/20                                $341,402

Collaborative Research: A Model/Proxy Synthesis of Walker Circulation Trends During the Last Millennium

     National Science Foundation Subtotal                                     $5,780,212


Nuclear Regulatory Commission

J. Steidl

NRC-HQ-60-15-C-0001        5/1/15-9/29/17                                    $6,294

Observations and Analysis of Geotechnical Array Data                                      


Office of Naval Research

L. Romero

N00014-16-1-2936              7/1/16-6/30/19                                  $86,041

                                             7/1/16-6/30/19                                       $866

Numerical Modeling of Wave-Current interactions in the Presence of Submesoscale Ocean Features  

     Office of Naval Research Subtotal                                                $86,907


Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District

J. Florsheim

1016                                     11/21/16-6/30/19                              $75,000

Biophysical Approach Toward Riparian Conservation and Floodplain Ecosystem Functionality     


Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project

J. Michaelsen, L. Stratton

16-051                                 1/1/17-12/31/41                                $29,900

Whittier Channel Restoration  


State Coastal Conservancy

J. Michaelsen, L. Stratton

16-051                                 1/1/17-12/31/41                              $150,000

North Campus Open Space Wetland Transition                                                 


State University of New York (SUNY)

M. Singer, D. Roberts

550-1142143-79134            4/1/17-12/31/20                              $302,235

Linking basin-scale, stand-level, and individual tree water stress indicators for groundwater-dependent riparian forests in multiple-use river basins   


The Nature Conservancy

M. Singer

07282017-4691                    2/26/18-1/31/19                                $31,371

Assessing Riparian Forest Water Sources in the Santa Clara River Basin              


The Regents of the University of Colorado

N. Bair

1556287                               3/1/18-2/28/19                                  $41,987

Optimizing the Indus Basin Irrigation System and reservoir operations using remotely sensed snow surface properties in the ParBal model                   


University of California - Agriculture and Natural Resource

C. D'Antonio

SA17-3877-01                      10/1/17-11/30/18                              $12,963

Restoration and Resilience of Endemic Bigcone Douglas-fir after the 2007 Zaca Fire    


M. Moritz

SA17-3881-01                      2/6/18-12/31/19                              $179,472

Fire Probability Modeling for Avoided Emissions Projects                                  

     University of California - ANR Subtotal                                     $192,435


University of California - Berkeley

R. Archuleta, C. Ji

00009589                             6/1/17-11/30/17                                $33,000

Modeling of Ground Motion from Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes                   


M. Buntaine

00009574                             3/1/17-8/21/17                                $182,820

Citizen Monitoring of Urban Waterways in Jiangsu, China

     University of California – Berkeley Subtotal                               $215,820


University of California - Irvine

P. Holden

2017-3429                           1/1/17-12/31/19                                $40,940

                                             1/1/17-12/31/19                                $91,949

Fighting Drought with Stormwater: From Research to Practice                           

     UC Irvine Subtotal                                                                      $132,889


University of California - Merced

C. N. Tague

EAR-1331939                        10/1/13-9/30/18                                $31,939

Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory                                                        


University of California – Office of the President

J. Dozier

LFR-18-548316                     3/1/18-2/28/21                             $1,036,967

Headwaters to groundwater: Resources in a changing climate                           


University of Southern California

R. Archuleta, J. Crempien, T. Tanimoto

94315331-B                          5/1/17-9/30/18                                  $25,000

SCEC5, 17247: Validation of the UCSB Multi-Segment Kinematic Rupture Ground Motion Code Against Recorded Ground Motion for Several Events       


R. Archuleta, J. Crempien, T. Tanimoto

94315251-D                         5/1/17-9/30/18                                  $18,000

SCEC5, 17234: Estimating Path and Source Parameters in the Southern Sierra Nevada Using a Non-Parametric Approach and Special Source Constraints


D. Rood, T. Tanimoto

94315363-C                         5/1/17-9/30/18                                  $22,000

SCEC5 Participation, Project: Testing fault geometry and interaction models using high-precision slip rates on the San Cayetano and Ventura-Pitas Point Faults                                                         


J. Steidl, T. Tanimoto

17246                                   5/1/17-9/30/18                                  $30,000

SCEC5 Participation, Project A: SCEC Borehole Instrumentation Program            

     University of Southern California Subtotal                                   $95,000


US Fish & Wildlife Service

L. Stratton

F12AC00683                          5/11/17-9/30/17                                  $5,000

Recovery Activities for Nipomo Lupine                                                             


     Grand Total                                                                           $16,006,431