Facilities - 2012-2013

The Earth Research Institute is located on campus at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) on the 6th floor of Ellison Hall and in Girvetz Hall. ERI was established in fiscal year 2011 via a merge of the Institute for Crustal Studies and the Institute for Computational Earth System Science.  As an organized research unit, ERI is a department-level entity dedicated to supporting extramurally-funded research. Professor David Siegel is the Director and Professor Susannah Porter is the Associate Director of the unit. Seventy-three independent research groups conduct and administer their research using the facilities and resources of the Institute. ERI partially supports six administrative employees and three computer system administrators, all from university resources. Several conference rooms are available within Ellison for group meetings and a limited amount of laboratory facilities are available, including ground floor field-staging space within Girvetz. Many ERI investigators use laboratory facilities provided by their home academic departments.