Funding Agencies 2010-2011


BP Exploration - Alaska

CalFed Bay-Delta Program

California Coastal Conservancy

California Department of Water Resources

California Energy Commission

Carnegie-Mellon University

City of Santa Barbara

Conservation International

Department of Agriculture

Department of Energy

Department of Interior

Desert Research Institute

Electric Power Research Institute

Exxon Mobile Corporation

Friends of the Santa Clara River

Goleta Valley Land Trust

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kearney Foundation

Kresge Foundation

Nascent Water Technologies, Inc.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Geographic Society

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Science Foundation

Office of Naval Research

Ohio Water Development Authority

Oklahoma State University

Oregon State University

Princeton University

Purdue University

Santa Barbara County

Southern California Coastal Water Project (SCCWP)

Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project

Stanford University

UC Sea Grant College Program

University of California – Berkeley (DOE flow-through)

University of California, IGPP

University of California – Los Angeles (NASA flow-through)

University of California, Merced (NSF flow-through)

University of California – San Diego (NOAA flow-through)

University of California – Santa Cruz (NOAA flow-through)

University of Nebraska

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

University of Southern California

University of Washington

US Department of Agriculture

US Geological Survey


USDA Forest Service

Washington State University (Pullman, WA)

Water Replenishment District of So Cal

WateReuse Association (Foundation)

Wilburforce Foundation